我喜欢这个慢锅的绿色智利碎牛肉卷心菜碗和鳄梨沙拉,这个神奇的卷心菜碗是低碳水化合物的,亚博娱乐酮,低血糖症,gluten-free,南滩饮食第一阶段,and can even be 亚博官网Paleo or Whole 30 if you use approved mayo and hot sauce. Use the亚博app找到更多像这样的食谱。

Click here to PIN Green Chile Shredded Beef Cabbage Bowl!!


如果你看看Cabbage Archiveson 亚博娱乐Kalyn's Kitchen,it's not hard to see that I'm a huge cabbage fan!从三月起,卷心菜就开始在圣约翰市销售。Patrick's Day,这似乎是展现这个最爱的完美时机绿色智利牛肉丝牛油果沙司包心菜碗.

我先在慢锅里做这个食谱,so that's the method you'll see in these photos.但我正在更新这篇文章,包括压力锅或速溶锅的使用说明,因为如果你多加一点液体,绿色的智利牛肉丝就可以很容易地做成。And if you're a fan of shredded beef in the pressure cooker,看看我的食谱Pressure Cooker Low-Carb Flank Steak Tacos with Spicy Mexican Slaw.你也可以在我的其他网站上找到更多的慢锅/压力锅食谱,,慢锅或压力锅,where there's also a低碳档案页.

我真的很喜欢这个绿色的智利牛肉丝卷心菜碗,我觉得它很辣,很有意思。The shredded beef is also something that could be served over rice or quinoa for people who don't care about low carb and/or aren't cabbage fans.And I guess the avocado salsa is optional,但我自己永远不会跳过它;美味的鳄梨沙拉真的让人惊叹!!

(这道菜的特色菜是Ten Low-Carb Mexican Food Favorites You'll Make Over and Over

Slow Cooker Green Chile Shredded Beef Cabbage Bowl with Avocado Salsa found on KalynsKitchen.com

I started with a 3 pound chuck roast,then trimmed the fat until it was just over 2 pounds of lean meat. Rub the pieces of meat with卡林玉米卷调味料(或是你最喜欢的西南香料混合料)然后加热一点橄榄油,把肉的各个面都烤焦。(不要跳过这一步;布朗宁增加了很多味道。)把肉放进一个小的慢锅,里面有两罐青辣椒粒和果汁。(我用我的Crock-Pot 3-1/2-Quart Slow Cookerfor this recipe.  It could be a little smaller but I wouldn't use a bigger one.You can also make this in theInstant Pot或另一个电压力锅;请参阅这些说明的配方。)

Slow Cooker Green Chile Shredded Beef Cabbage Bowl with Avocado Salsa found on KalynsKitchen.com

在高处煮3-5小时,或者直到牛肉很容易碎裂。(你会惊讶地发现有多少液体。)用一个有槽的勺子把肉从慢锅里拿出来,切碎。(Keep the juice in the slow cooker.) Then put the shredded meat back in the slow cooker to absorb the liquid and stay warm while you make the cabbage slaw and salsa.

Slow Cooker Green Chile Shredded Beef Cabbage Bowl with Avocado Salsa found on KalynsKitchen.com

我们用过Mandoline Slicer用1.5毫米的刀片做成非常薄的卷心菜片,但你也可以用手切。扔掉绿色卷心菜,红卷心菜,还有洋葱和蛋黄酸橙-Green Tabascodressing.To make the salsa,toss avocado and diced poblano pepper with lime,橄榄油,切碎的香菜。


Layer cabbage slaw,green chile beef,把鳄梨沙沙酱放进单独的碗里端上来。

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Spicy shredded beef with green chiles is cooked in the slow cooker or Instant Pot and then it's combined with cabbage slaw and avocado salsa into a delicious cabbage bowl meal.


Ingredients for Slow Cooker Beef:

  • 2磅烤牛肉,修剪得很好,切成厚条(我有近3磅。of beef before  it was trimmed.)
  • 1吨卡林玉米卷调味料(or your favorite Southwestern spice blend)
  • 2-3茶匙。olive oil (depending on your pan)
  • 2罐(4盎司)。can) diced green chiles with juice
  • (See directions below for additional beef stock for Pressure Cooker / Instant Pot version)

Ingredients for Cabbage Slaw and Dressing:


  • 2 large avocados,diced
  • 1 medium Poblano (Pasilla) pepper,切成小粒
  • 1 T fresh-squeezed lime juice (I use myfresh-frozen lime juice
  • 1 T extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1/2杯切碎的香菜(如果你不是香菜人,可以用切成薄片的洋葱)


Slow Cooker Directions:

  1. Trim all visible fat and any undesirable parts from the chuck roast and cut into thick strips.(我把那些残片存起来做自制牛肉将牛肉条与玉米卷调味料摩擦。将油加热,煎锅很重,牛肉两面都是棕色的。(不要跳过这一步;the browning adds a lot of flavor.)
  2. 把棕色牛肉条放在慢锅里,倒入青辣椒粒和罐里的果汁。高煮3-4小时,或者直到牛肉很容易碎裂。use a large slotted spoon to remove it to a cutting board,把液体留在慢锅里。用两个叉子把牛肉切成碎片,放回慢锅里,吸收液体并保持温暖,同时做卷心菜沙拉和沙拉。
  3. Cut the cabbage into very thin strips.  (We used aMandoline Slicerwith the 1.5 mm  blade to make really thin slices,但是你也可以用手切。)切洋葱片。把蛋黄酱搅拌在一起,石灰汁,and Green Tabasco sauce to make the dressing.  (Taste to see if you want more lime or Green Tabasco and adjust to taste.)  Then put the cabbage and green onions into a bowl and toss with the dressing.
  4. 把鳄梨削皮切块,放在碗里,再倒入青柠汁,切碎香菜(或青葱)和智利波布兰诺,加入牛油果,淋上橄榄油,再轻轻搅拌。
  5. To assemble the bowl,put a layer of the slaw,then a generous amount of the spicy beef,上面是几勺鳄梨沙司。我为那些想要多一点热量的人提供了额外的绿色塔巴斯科。
  6. 如果这比你一次吃的要多的话,我只会把你要用的卷心菜的量给换掉。把配料单独冷藏,然后把牛肉加热,当你想吃剩菜的时候,把卷心菜和调料一起扔掉。

Instant Pot / Pressure Cooker Directions:

  1. 使用上述材料制作慢锅,but you will need an additional 3/4 cup beef stock for cooking in the Instant Pot or pressure cooker.
  2. Brown meat as above,或在速溶锅或压力锅中变成褐色。
  3. Put the strips of browned beef in the Instant Pot or pressure cooker and pour in the diced green chiles with juice from the cans and 3/4 cup beef stock.
  4. Lock the lid,set to MANUAL,高压,and set time for 45 minutes.
  5. 当时间结束时,use NATURAL RELEASE for 15 minutes,然后使用快速释放方法释放其余压力。
  6. 做卷心菜沙拉,敷料,和鳄梨沙拉,如上完成食谱。
  7. Remove beef to a cutting board to shred,then put it back into the pressure cooker to absorb the liquid.(如果你认为会有太多的液体,你可以在压力锅上用文火或炒的方法来减少一些液体。)
  8. 如上图所示组装碗。



This recipe is made with all low-carb ingredients and would be approved for any phase of the South Beach Diet or any other low-carb eating plan.如果你使用认可的蛋黄酱,它也可亚博官网以是古的。

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  1. 我喜欢这道菜的不同质地。我可能会把肉的量翻一番,放在一个更大的炉子里煮,因为我认为它在我的房子里很受欢迎。

  2. Lydia,great idea to double it because I'd love to have this meat in the freezer to pull out and make this for dinner!!

  3. I love to look through my archives to see what I was making at the same time for the past few years!番茄和西葫芦现在肯定在名单上。🙂 This bowl sounds delicious — I love the idea of serving the beef & avocado over cabbage.Especially because I have no fewer than two CSA cabbages in the refrigerator as we speak…

  4. 爱琳注意到这些图案很有趣,不是吗?I think having two cabbages in the fridge can only be good!!

  5. 凯琳!这看起来太棒了。YUM!!

  6. 谢谢詹妮!So glad you like it.

  7. Is the recipe similar to the cabbage with fish??

  8. 伊娜yes it's a similar idea but this beef is cooked in a slow cooker.

  9. It says to add diced poblano in the recipe directions/description,但不把它列为鳄梨沙拉中的一种成分吗??

  10. Bethany,I am SO sorry!我希望这不会把你搞砸。我现在就编辑;应该是一颗波勃朗骰子,添加到萨尔萨。

  11. I made this the other day and it was fabulous!I took one shortcut that seemed to work fine – I bought the bagged,凉拌卷心菜丝不要切碎。和FYI,味道混合后第二天肉就更好了。Sooooo good – another Kalyn winner.

  12. Thanks Heidi,using coleslaw mix is a great idea!!

  13. This was so delicious.工作之夜晚餐也非常简单。大约15分钟后一切就好了。My husband loved it.
    我用两个叉子在慢锅里把牛肉切碎。It was one less dish to wash!!

  14. 克里斯蒂what a great idea!(Duh,为什么我没想到?)很高兴你喜欢它。

  15. 我做的这道菜很好吃,味道很好,连我的儿子和丈夫都喜欢(他们都不喜欢低碳水化合物),他们宁愿每顿饭都吃土豆和意大利面。Anybody tried this with pork???Maybe kinda like carnitas??

  16. 这就在壶里。Mmmmm!闻起来很香,尤其是在这么冷的时候,rainy day.

  17. I made the slaw and used ground beef and it was amazing.我正在做低碳水化合物,这是我的新的去做无米碗食谱。谢谢您!今晚我在我的慢锅里做牛肉丝。Thanks again 🙂

  18. 我喜欢这个食谱!我通常是用猪肩肉做的,因为我们可以很便宜地把它捡起来。这是我要去喂一群人,I've made it for my daughters teachers when they had a potluck,超级碗big game") and I'm making it tonight as we're having 7 people for dinner.It's always a hit.

    I've enjoyed and shared your blog for years,keep up the excellent work!!

  19. 这个食谱太棒了!I stumbled across your blog because I am doing the whole 30,昨天我还主持了母亲节晚宴。I was looking for something to feed a crowd and not break my diet,这个食谱并没有让人失望。我四岁的侄女不喜欢吃辛辣的食物,她吃了一整份牛肉!很多人都有时间,幸运的是我们,我丈夫和我今晚要把剩菜擦干净。迫不及待想尝试更多的食谱!!

  20. 你好,I'm from Australia and diced green chiles isn't an ingredient that is readily available.我可以用什么做替代品?罐头番茄可以吗??

    • 青辣椒增添了辛辣的味道,so if you have some type of fresh or tinned spicy chile that would be best.如果你有的辣椒很辣,我会减少数额。我觉得放干的罐装番茄味道不错,但它们不能取代辛辣的味道,使它变得如此美味。Hope that helps!!

  21. 我不知道我以前怎么没见过这个食谱,but have you tried with any other cuts of beef that are maybe leaner?I know its well trimmed,但是如果我把它插进MFP,I think its still going to recognize as high fat (I count cals,fat,碳水化合物etc).


  22. 我把肉低烧了8个小时,肉很硬。I spent 20$ on meat I had to throw away.你有什么建议来阻止这种事发生吗??

    • Truthfully if you followed the recipe I can't imagine how that could happen with beef.你确定你没有在高空烹饪8小时吗?你的慢锅盖紧了吗?I've never heard of meat being hard after cooking in the slow cooker all day;它应该是分开的温柔。很抱歉你有这种经历。

  23. When you say – diced green chiles with juice… do you mean chilli or capsicum>?Are the hot??
    In Australia only the chilli is the hot one 🙂

    • 嗨,安吉拉,,
      在这里,一个小罐头里出售的切碎的绿色辣椒通常是阿纳海姆辣椒。It's a mild chile that's only slightly spicy.如果你能找到罐头里的任何一种微辣的青智利胡椒粉,它应该管用(如果需要的话自己切碎),或者可以用青智利沙司(如果需要的话减少液体)。Hope that helps.

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  27. 我的话,但是这些看起来很好吃。我喜欢卷心菜脆脆的质地和嫩嫩的,智利绿牛肉。非常感谢分享我的Ropa Vieja食谱,太!!

  28. 天哪,这顿饭看起来棒极了!每一口都有美妙的味道,喜欢从慢锅里开始,太!!!!

  29. 看起来真是一顿美餐!!

  30. Lately,I've been converting many of my favorite slow cooker recipes to make in the Instant Pot.但上周,我回到慢锅里炖菜,and remembered how nice it was to have something cooking all day and filling the house with great aromas!像这样的食谱是一个很好的提醒,不要放弃缓慢的烹饪方法,just because we have tools to speed up our cooking!我要试试这个食谱。

  31. Made this today.Totally forgot to make the size of my crockpot smaller,但结果还是很好。We are transitioning to clean eating meals in a couple weeks so this is a nice segway before cutting out fatty meats.Thank you for a great recipe!This will be made again for gatherings and such.

  32. Do you know how many carbs in each serving,它看起来不错,但我在酮。亚博娱乐

    • 我无法提供食谱的营养信息,原因有很多,包括额外的时间,the difficulty in doing it accurately,以及我网站上的食谱数量。If you look after the recipe itself,I give two links (where it says"Nutritional Information") for suggestions of two ways to get that information.

      I have over 2000 recipes on the site and spend 6-8 hours most days working on the blog.我只是不能编辑超过2个,000 recipes to add that info,and I know once I do it on one recipe people will expect to see it on every recipe,我不可能这么做。谢谢理解!!

  33. 哦,孩子。It's in the oven now (I don't like slow cooker meat).我倒两罐绿辣椒的时候觉得太多了,尽管刚开始闻起来很香。My eyes are throat are now burning.上帝,我希望我的家人能吃到它。That was an expensive roast.我想知道我是否应该把它拿出来,去掉大约一半的辣椒。It's only been cooking an hour.

  34. OK,你可以删去我对太多的青辣椒的评论。我剪了一小块,味道很好……但我不知道该怎么处理我的眼喉灼伤?LOL

  35. OK,so this was very good!!!这正被钉在我的牌子上。

    我剪掉了所有的脂肪和筋膜(厚,我可以用一把非常锋利的鱼片刀来对付它,即使是肉中间的脂肪块,but it was still greasy.(I make chuck roast all the time…can't figure out why this one was so greasy.)

    But,不管怎样,the flavor was SO GOOD.I thought the 2 cans of chilies would be too much,but it was perfect.

    这条slaw真的很好,very fresh tasting with the lime juice.这是一个完美的平衡之间的黑色风味的烤肉和明亮的石灰味嘎吱的生菜。

    我没有把鳄梨沙拉,but I'm sure that is great,too.I love avocados.My stomach just can't handle all that richness in one meal any more (chuck roast,梅奥,avocado).在我年轻的时候,I would have been all over that.

    I want to try the salsa with some grilled chicken breast with those spices on it,还有海贼。我敢打赌那会击中目标。I bought the poblano pepper,so I will try to try it in the next week.

    Hubs ate it as a quesadilla and said it was quite good.I froze the rest in portions so I can eat them for lunches.

    The Beef Sriracha Cabbage bowls are a fall back of mine (I use 93% ground beef and it agrees with my weird stomach very well),and this was right up there with it.Thanks for the recipe.

    • I was on a plane (for 8 hours) while you were making this,so I wasn't able to respond.但很高兴听到结果。不知道你在哪里,but I use mild green chiles (Anaheim chiles) when I make it.But glad it worked out for you.

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  37. 感谢您提供此食谱;这绝对是我的最爱!!

  38. The only type of chilies I can find are in a jar that are pickled can i just chop some of those ul and add them??

    • I'm not sure if you will like the flavor as much with pickled chiles.Plus they are likely to be jalapenos,which are MUCH spicier than the mild green chiles I used.If you try it I'd use less,可能不超过一半。如果你能找到的话,绿色智利萨尔萨葡萄酒也可以。

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